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Limited Edition

The Lamb Sleep Masks 

Made from premium cotton, and triple-layered for a black-out effect, this sleep mask is gentle on sensitive skin around the eye area. The lining that touches the skin is a silk/cotton blend. 

These light-blocking sleep masks are made for children ages 3-7 and naturally trigger the brain to tell the body it's time to transition from a stressful day into a peaceful night's slumber. The Cleveland Clinic confirms one of the benefits of wearing a sleep mask is improved concentration and focus. And, I've seen improvements since my children added a sleep mask to their bedtime routine.


When choosing a sleep mask for your child, the material matters. 

Price per unit: $18.95

Free shipping: 

USA, Canada, and UK only.

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All sleep masks are machine-sewn by: 


Here's what one mom is saying:

"My children sleep with their sleep masks every night!"

Lillian, mom of two little ones

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