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Are you interested in strategies to enhance reading comprehension for your struggling reader but don't know where to start?


I've been there.

I struggled with reading comprehension through most of my childhood and adolescence but...

It doesn't have to be a struggle, because there are academic research-based, tried and true, comprehension strategies that REALLY work.

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Does this sound like you?

I'm a tutor, teacher, or parent with a child between the ages of four to ten who is struggling to read

I'm a tutor looking for fresh ideas for my students to help them achieve reading success at their grade level

I'm a homeschooling parent looking for resources that compliment my workbooks with hands-on reading activities

I already juggle work and home and need activities readily available to laser focus my homeschooled child on the five reading comprehension strategies

I want to know the best reading list paired with enrichment activities to enhance reading comprehension

I'm willing to invest time with my student because it means life-long reading success as they internalize the five strategies and begin using them independently

I really want to see my child become a booklover and read more books

I've tutored struggling readers for decades and these are the same strategies I used to take students from reluctant reader to booklover

I love sharing knowledge with other educators, whether they are tutors, homeschooling parents, or classroom teachers, to help our youngest learners be successful 

I believe hands-on learning is the best way to engage students to own their learning process

I did the research and developed this video course to give back valuable time to tutors, homeschooling parents, and classroom teachers 

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an Emphasis in Elementary Education, and Certified Literacy Specialist


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Masterclass in Reading Comprehension

The Ultimate Video Course to get Your Child from Struggling Reader to Booklover

Here's what you're getting in the video course:

Module 1: Reading Assessment

Powerful Cognitive Development Strategies You Need to Know For Better Reading Comprehension

Understanding how to use assessment tools for accurate outcomes

Selecting the best assessment for your child's learning style

Understanding why pre-assessment is essential before implementing comprehension strategies

Evaluating your student where he/she is rather than at their optimal level

Module 2: Make Predictions

Reading Prediction Strategies So Effective You Won't Need a Crystal Ball

Understanding how the strategy, make predictions, works and how it enhances comprehension

Designing effective activities that will engage your students and make learning fun

Setting the stage for learning connections

Engaging students in reading through writing

Module 3: Form Pictures

Imagination Is Better Than Knowledge... No Kidding, But Einstein, What Does That Mean?

Conducting a quiz to determine where your child is on the visual imagery spectrum

Understanding the key that unlocks visual imagery within the imagination

How to guide students through mental imagery and thinkalouds

Setting the stage to create through visual arts presentations

Module 4: Use Analogies

What if Pure Logic Plus Pure Imagination Equals Pure Energy?

Understanding graphic presentations and how they help children learn new concepts through analogies

Why analogies help struggling readers connect with the text on a deeper level

How to activate prior knowledge to understand new concepts through literature rich in analogy

How to use poetry and songs to form analogies 

Module 5: Look for Problems

It's Worked so far but we Haven't Solved all our Problems Yet

Helping struggling readers identify when text is confusing, or doesn't make sense

 Why running into problems gives struggling readers the opportunity to deepen their level of comprehension

Understanding how the reader's beliefs, knowledge, and experiences either hinder or help their ability to infer what they are reading 

Helping struggling readers look for words they don't understand

Module 6: Use Fix-Ups to Solve Problems

"I Think Therefore I am," René Descartes

Understanding metacognition and how it is crucial to enhance comprehension

Knowing the fix-up strategies to repair comprehension when it breaks down

How fix-up strategies provide solutions for inferring text and making it personal and three-dimensional

Understanding the importance of expanding the struggling reader's vocabulary

BONUS: LIFETIME Access to Three Rs Resource Vault

Are you super excited to get started?

$97 value


Five, 10-minute videos that cover reading strategies to enhance reading comprehension

Academic research-based, tried and true, teaching methods

Bonus video outlining how to assess reading comprehension 

Reading comprehension checklist

Resource vault filled with lesson plans, printables, and instructions for hands-on activities

(Worksheet-free zone)

Module 5: Pre- and Post- Reading Assessments


Designing pre-assessments that accurately reflect the reading level of your child 

Assessing your child's learning environment for optimal learning

Helping young readers feel confident when taking pre- and post- reading assessments 

Applying observation techniques that allow you to assess your young reader on a day-to-day basis 

Designing post-assessments that help you and your young reader see real results that will motivate continued progress

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