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Jacob Chronicles for Kids: Volume 1, Issue 19

2 Kings 22:14 So Hilkiah the priest, Ahikam,

Acbor, Shaphan and Asaiah left. They went to talk to Huldah the prophetess. She was the wife of Shallum son of Tikvah, the son of Harhas. Harhas took care of the king’s clothes. Huldah lived in Jerusalem, in the new area of the city. (ICB Version).

A prophetess named Huldah lived in the city of Jerusalem. It was Josiah's eighteenth year as king of Judah . He did what was right in the sight of the Lord. But the people of Judah had turned away from God. They built altars and worshiped Baal.

King Josiah sent workers to rebuild the house of the Lord. They found the Book of the Law given by Moses there. One of the king’s men, Hilkiah, wiped the dust off the book. He read it to King Josiah. This made King Josiah so sad he tore his clothes. But he didn’t fully understand the meaning of the words in the book.

He sent his men to find out. King Josiah’s men went to Huldah the prophetess. Huldah listened to God and obeyed His word. They asked her what the words written in the Book of the Law meant. She spoke the words of the Lord God of Israel. God was going to judge the people of Judah.

When King Josiah heard this, he tore down the

altars to Baal. He kept the commandments written in the Book of the Law. The people of Judah started worshiping the God of Israel.

Huldah the prophetess, changed the course of a nation because of her obedience to God. She was God's girl. With bravery and strength, she listened to Him. The people of Judah disobeyed God. But Huldah didn't follow the crowd. God spoke through her to deliver a message of warning to the people of Judah.

God wants you to be brave and strong like Huldah. Don't follow the crowd if they are doing the wrong thing. Stand with God. Do what's right.


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