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Jacob Chronicles for Kids, Volume 1, Issue 23

Genesis 29: 34-35 Leah became pregnant again and gave birth to another son. She named him Levi. Leah said, “Now, surely my husband will be close to me. I have given him three sons.”

Then Leah gave birth to another son. She named him Judah. Leah named him this because she said, “Now I will praise the Lord.” Then Leah stopped having children.

(ICB Version)

Jacob fell in love with Laban's youngest daughter, Rachel. He wanted to marry her. Laban agreed. But there was a price. Jacob had to work for Laban for seven years, shepherding his flock of sheep. Jacob went to Laban at the end of seven years. It was time to marry Rachel. But Laban tricked Jacob and gave him his oldest daughter, Leah, instead. Jacob was angry. Laban told him the oldest daughter must marry first in their way of life.

Laban told Jacob he could marry Rachel in one week. But Jacob

would have to work seven more years for her. Jacob loved Rachel.

So he worked for seven more years. Leah knew Jacob loved her

sister, Rachel. This made Leah sad. It showed in her soft eyes. God

saw that no one loved Leah. He gave her children of her own. Leah

thought this would make Jacob love her. But still he didn't love her.

Then Leah had her fourth son, Judah, and she praised the Lord. She loved her children, and her children loved her. Before Jacob died, he gave Judah the greatest blessing of all. He said Judah's brothers would bow to him. Judah was like a lion cub. The Lion of Judah would come from his tribe.

Leah loved Jacob. She thought she could win his love by giving him children. It wasn't until she had her fourth son, Judah, that she realized only God could satisfy her longing for love.

Always remember to put the Lord first in your life. He loves you just the way you are. No one can love you the way God loves you.


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