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Jacob Chronicles for Kids: Volume 1, Issue 5

Moses was tending his father-in-laws flock at Horeb, the mountain of God. He looked and saw a bush burning with fire. The bush was not consumed by the fire.

God called to Moses from the midst of a burning bush. "Moses, Moses!"

He approached the burning bush with his shepherd's staff in his hand and took off his sandals.

Moses was on holy ground. God told Moses he would lead His people out of Egypt. Pharaoh had enslaved the children of Israel there, because he feared their number and strength.

Moses begged God to send someone else. He couldn't speak well. Who would listen to him? Surely, Pharaoh would not. In Exodus 4:2, we read, So the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand?"

In that moment, God transformed the staff of Moses into a rod more powerful than all the magician's wands in Egypt. Moses returned to Egypt with the rod of God to free His people.

Moses led the children of God out of Egypt and to the Red Sea. Pharaoh and all the chariots of Egypt were coming for them.

The Lord said to Moses in Exodus 14:15, "Lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it." They crossed safely to the other side.

Moses did many other miracles with the rod of God. He stood on top of a hill with his staff in his hand. He kept his arms raised while his men fought in battle against the Amalekites. When he grew tired, his friends helped him. His men won the battle by sundown because Moses kept his arms raised.

Did you know that when God is on your side, you have someone even greater than a magic wand? He is your friend. He will always fight for you.

In our children's book, The Lamb, the shepherd leads his flock to safety just like Moses led God's people from Egypt to Canaan, the promised land.

Parent Tip: Have a family movie night and watch "The Prince of Egypt." Bring snacks, get comfortable, and enjoy this film based on the biblical account of Exodus.


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