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Jacob Chronicles for Kids: Volume 1, Issue 1

Did you know Jacob's speckled and spotted sheep were first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 30:32?

Jacob was talking to his father-in-law, Laban, when he said, "Let me pass through all your flock today, removing from there all the speckled and spotted sheep..."

They were his wages for all the work he had done for Laban over the years. Instead of paying Jacob with money, Laban paid him with sheep. I think it's pretty amazing that the offspring of Jacob's sheep are still around today. Our lives are blessed by their wool, milk, and many other resources they provide.

Their soft fleece can be separated into black and white wool for spinning and weaving.

Their milk produces the following cheeses: Manchego, Roquefort, Pecorino, and Feta. Can you pronounce the names of these cheeses without a dictionary?

Jacob's sheep may grow two, four, or six horns, most rapidly during the first two to three years, and they will continue to grow throughout the sheep's life.

These unique sheep are the inspiration behind the one hundred sheep in our children's picture book, The Lamb.

Can you color speckled and spotted sheep like Jacob's in Genesis 30:32? Click on the link to download the coloring sheet.

Parent Tip: By engaging in this coloring exercise, your child will bridge the gap between image and text and comprehend the information presented on a deeper level.


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