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A Children's Picture Book

3, 2, 1... LAUNCH!


There was a shepherd with one hundred sheep...

Exclusive Reward:

US $30

  • ebook

  • hardcover book w/ dustjacket

  • mobile game app

  • name of your choice printed in the book

  • us shipping included

This exclusive reward, along with all preorders, ends February 21, 2023.

Congratulations! You've ordered your book set!


Have your child pick a sheep to shepherd, and their name will be printed in The Lamb in addition to receiving their very own hardcover copy, ebook, and mobile game app!

All you have to do is email me with the sheep you have chosen at

We're sending The Lamb to IAPC Books at the end of this month. Before we go to print, we want to extend a very special offer to those of you who haven't yet preordered your copy of the book.

The Lamb is a perfect story for you and your children for these reasons:


  1. Community - In a time of increasing distance and chaos, we need children to feel connected to their families and community.

  2. Adventure - Children will embark on an adventure to Israel and discover the landscape, culture, and count Jacob sheep that can be traced back to the book of Genesis.

  3. Extended Learning - The book is paired with a mobile app that allows for additional math learning.

Please help us reach our preorder goal by February 21, 2023!

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