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In this course, you get 4 short videos that provide quick and easy steps to implement right away so your child can make reading a fun daily habit


Are you interested in strategies to enhance your child's literacy skills but don't know where to start?

I've been there.

It doesn't have to be a struggle, because there are academic research-based, tried and true, literacy strategies that REALLY work.

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Does this sound like you?

I'm a tutor or parent with a child between the ages of three and eight who is struggling to read

I'm a tutor looking for fresh ideas for my readers to help them achieve literacy success 

I'm a homeschooling parent looking for resources that compliment my workbooks with hands-on reading activities

I already juggle work and home and need activities readily available to laser focus my child on reading strategies

I want to know the best reading list paired with enrichment activities to enhance reading comprehension

I'm willing to invest 20 minutes each day my child because it means life-long literacy success as they internalize reading strategies and begin using them independently

I really want to encourage my child to read more books

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By 4th grade, 66% of our children in the USA are not reading proficiently. If we continue on this path, over half of our children will not have the literacy tools to problem-solve, think, and reason for themselves as they transition into adulthood.

We need to read with our children at home for at least 20 minutes each day and model problem-solving, thinking, and reasoning strategies to help them internalize these comprehension processes.

My credentials include a Certificate in Literacy, and a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in elementary education. I earned my degree at Regis University summa cum laude.

When you follow the academic research-based strategies in my course and read with your child 20 each day, your child's reading proficiency will increase one grade level. They will also discover reading is fun!


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The Ultimate Video Course to Build a Strong Reading Foundation

Invest 20 minutes each day and see results

Here's what you're getting in the video course:

Step 1: Phonological Awareness

Understanding that phonological awareness incorporates words, syllables, rhyme,

and phonics

Why it's important to foster phonological awareness in the pre-school years

Helping older readers who struggle with phonological awareness

Designing phonological activities that engage a variety of age groups and

make reading fun

Step 2: Engaging Students in Reading through Writing

Understanding why talk is foundational to reading and writing success

Using notebooks in place of worksheets to encourage a deeper level of understanding

How to make reading and writing enjoyable by observing your child's interests 

Knowing when to let your child free-write and when to implement grammar rules

Step 3: Reading Comprehension in the Early Years

Understanding why it is beneficial to go deeper than phonological awareness and get to the heart of comprehension in the early years

Designing comprehension activities appropriate to early childhood development

How to enhance mental imagery through graphic presentations and thinkalouds

Helping struggling readers make meaning of words they don't understand

The Three Rs: Integrating Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

How to use literature to help children learn math 

Why it's important to intentionally incorporate math and into children's literature and how it affects a child's ability to comprehend for life-long learning success

Designing fun and engaging activities to enrich reading, writing and arithmetic

BONUS: LIFETIME Access to Literacy Resources, Printables, and Activities

Are you super excited to get started?

The course is now live!

$59.95 value

Financial Aid Available Upon Request

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