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by S. J. Rosson
ings by Lan.

Can we count on you to join our launch team for our upcoming children's picture book project?

Once upon a time on a farm in the valley lived a gosling named Lily.

Geese born in the valley simply cannot fly. But that won’t stop Lily. While all the other goslings are getting ready for the annual winter wing-clipping festival, Lily has a better idea.  What will happen when Lily convinces her best friend, Hugh, to hike with her to the top of the Rocky Mountains with the notion to fly?

Lily of the Valley and exclusive, limited-time rewards available only through pre-order coming soon!

Specifications:  hardcover w/ dust jacket; 10" x 10" trim; 32 full-color pages

Lily (14).png
Lily (15).png

American author, S. J. Rosson, and New Zealand artist, Lan., have collaborated to create this beautifully illustrated tale of perseverance and friendship for children ages 5-9. This is their second children's book.  Their first children's book, The Lamb, for children ages 3-7, is available now! Check it out here!

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