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A shepherd discovers his lamb is missing from the flock. He sets off to find him and bring him home. Is one lamb worth risking your life?

The shepherd believes, yes, every sheep is worthy of his love.

Celebrate the launch of The Lamb, a rhyming children's picture book, by American author, S.J. Rosson, and New Zealand artist, Lan.

The Lamb Book Reviews

"Sweet and breathtaking!" - Sarah Morgan, KidMo Director

"This story blessed me!!! Hallelujah!!!! - Ave Leath, BBP Books

"Fun and engaging!" - Niccole Board, Kindergarten Teacher

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tie your shoe ebook final cover_edited.jpg
Tie Your Shoe.gif

Henry's a boy who can't tie his own shoes, and his mom is too busy to teach him. But when the school bully makes Henry a disgrace... 

Henry's mom made a promise:

this won't happen again.

End over end,

let the lesson begin.

Readers from 5 to 109 are sure to get tied up in the fun of this rhyming story with an old-school, shoe-tying lesson. This 10-page eBook includes a step-by-step illustration on how to tie a shoe. 

tie your shoe wall art 1_edited.png

Make it wall art,

and transform your home or classroom.

Print, frame, and hang it!

Congratulations to our coloring contest winners!

Ignatius Colouring Contest.jpg

Ignatius age 4

Lavinia Colouring Contest-2.jpg

Lavinia age 7

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