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Nonsense Words!

Free activities, projects, and ideas for children ages 3-7

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Five tips for teaching your child to read using five classic children's picture books_edit

Five Pre-Reading Building Blocks, Five Classic Children's Books

What is your earliest memory of reading a book? My love for books began when I was a preschooler sitting on my mom’s lap in her rocking chair. She opened the pages of the book and read aloud the story of David and Goliath. From that moment, I loved reading books. I loved writing books. When I grew up, I loved teaching children to read books.


Reading with our children creates a lasting bond. It provides them with a rich language experience that broadens their vocabulary. Our children also learn empathy when they identify with the story’s protagonist.

Tie Your Shoe!

Free eBook for readers 5 to 109

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When I met Henry,

he was melancholy blue,

because he didn't know how

to tie his own shoe...

Readers from 5 to 109 are sure to get tied up in the fun of this rhyming story with an old-school, shoe-tying lesson. This 10-page eBook includes a step-by-step illustration on how to tie a bow. 

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Make it wall art,

and transform your home or classroom.

Print, frame, and hang it!


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